čtvrtek 25. srpna 2011

Which one to choose?

Before I start talking about my first impressions of a new city, the city that is going to be my home for next few months - Ghent (Gent), I should perhaps tell you why I have chosen to spend upcoming months right in this city. To be honest, I was already here a  few months ago when I was travelling within my one week holiday in BENELUX. I really took a fancy to both the Netherlands and Belgium and in addition, one of the most amazing cities I have ever seen is undoubtedly Ghent. The impressions of this city have been so great that when there was an opportunity to choose a city for ERASMUS I decided to come back to Ghent again. Ghent is a city with approximately 250 000 inhabitants, so a pretty big city, but what is really worth saying that the one third of all people here is formed by students! Could it be there anything better for a student than to go to a real student city?

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