pátek 30. prosince 2011

Now a little bit about school...seriously!

    During my revisit to my country I had been asked several times by my curious family and friends whether I had been even attending the school there (meaning Ghent), so finally I've decided to tell you also something about how it goes at school here - in Ghent.
     Well, when I was going to Ghent, and I must remind that this has been my first time abroad of this type, I was scared a little. My English was not so good and I also expected the level of education to be better than at our school. So to tell the truth, it depends - as usual. I expected me to be very busy during the whole semester but surprisingly I had also quite enough time to enjoy my Erasmus stay here! I would say that in comparison with my home university it was really more exacting. I had to do some papers (whether a project, an essay or webpages) almost for each subject. But if you do it continuously during the semester, or if you do it in one go closely before the end of the semester or before the deadline, as 95% of students do (including me :-D), you can make it all.
   Regarding the teachers teaching at the school subjects in English, I haven't had any problems with anyone yet. The English spoken by them is pretty good. Of course, they are not native speakers, but that's good for me too so I can understand better. It's a shame, and for me quite suprising at the same time, that a lot of these subject I attended is not that interesting for me. Maybe a problem starts even at my home university, because in fact I couldn't choose many subjects I wanted to take. Anyway, let's see how much difficult or not and how useful they have been after the exams :-D

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